At Overlimits Coaching, we adopt a progressive approach to steer you towards personal and professional achievement.

Our pioneering coaching technique initiates a transformative journey to attain your objectives and discover untapped opportunities.

Our Courses

Overlimits Coaching

Uncover your life’s purpose and devise a personalised strategy to achieve your goals with our expert guidance.

Our coaching sessions are geared around discovery, finding out what your innate drivers are, the things that are holding you back. We unpack the value words and beliefs that work and those that no longer serve a positive purpose. 

Let’s unravel what needs unravelling and then co create an exciting action plan for the next stage of your progress. 

We aim to deliver our sessions through committed face to face or web based meetings or live on-call support, we’re dedicated to aiding you excel in all areas of your life.

Outdoor Fitness & Breathwork:

Engage in the revitalising power of outdoor exercise and breathwork, with nature serving as your sanctuary for physical and mental well-being.

Our method merges customised fitness programmes, mental health support, and breathwork techniques to boost your health and life quality.

Get enhanced mood states, stress alleviation, and a profound connection with self and nature.

This is a one day program that can be delivered anywhere in the UK by an Oxygen Advantage Breathwork instructor.

Experience the harmonious blend of outdoor fitness and breathwork and allow Overlimits coaching to mentor you on your path to wellness and success.

Get in touch with us today to commence your transformational journey