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Our mission, vision, and values

At Overlimits, we are steadfast in our commitment to transcending boundaries and exceeding limitations. Our primary objective is to inspire individuals and organisations to cultivate bravery, dedication, and a sense of aligned purpose.

Our Vision:
To establish ourselves as the premier choice for leadership training and event management solutions, earning the trust of both charitable organisations and corporate entities.
Our Core Values:
We firmly believe in the principles of effective leadership, transparent communication, unwavering integrity, and the delivery of commitments. These tenets form the bedrock of our modus operandi.


What We Offer

1. Outdoor Events

We provide bespoke training courses through our dynamic Outdoor Events Programs.
Catering to those tasked with event management or those aiming to orchestrate unique charity events, our concise half-day sessions are designed to impart crucial skills and strategies for success.

2. Coaching Services

We adopt a progressive approach to steer you towards personal and professional achievement, aiding in the realisation of your full potential.

Our pioneering coaching technique initiates a transformative journey to attain your objectives and discover untapped opportunities.

3. Leadership Development

Elevate leadership prowess with Overlimits’ all-encompassing programs.
Leadership Training & Development, Presentation Skills with NLP, Management & Leadership, and Change Management interventions.  Empower individuals and teams to excel in the contemporary business environment.

4. Your one-stop destination for unforgettable events

From our extensive range of outdoor event equipment rentals, featuring new gazebos, tables, licenced UHF radios, chairs, lighting, and generators, to our bespoke event planning services, we offer everything you need to create memorable experiences.
Our bespoke events can cater to your needs, whether it’s providing captivating images, videos, or drone content for marketing, conducting leadership workshops, offering coaching in linguistics and non verbal linguistics (NLP), enhancing emotional intelligence, building resilience, or delivering tailored training programs to address your business development needs.
Let Overlimits event solutions transform a joint vision into reality and make your event truly exceptional.

See what's happening within our shop!

See what's happening within our shop!

Best Coach You Can Be

Proficient coaching is one of the most important factors in an employee's success. It's to be expected that many managers will also see themselves as capable educators. But studies reveal that most managers mistake coaching for a sort of micromanagement in which they merely dictate to employees what they should do. Looking to develop your coaching skills? A manager's or supervisor's most valuable coaching skills are discussed, along with some practical applications for putting them to use with your team.

Best Change Management

This book was written to assist individuals and groups in adjusting to changing conditions so as to maximise the positive impact on organisational outputs. It ensures that employees will embrace and make use of new technologies following their implementation and rollout. Obtaining this book will provide you with all the information you require.

Best Presenter You Can Be

This helpful book aims to do just that: assist readers discover and cultivate their own individual presentation style. It teaches the fundamentals of presentation design, including how to organise content and convey your point effectively. The book stresses the need of gaining experience giving presentations under the watchful eye of a mentor.

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