Lyke Wake Walk

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Embark on the legendary Lyke Wake Walk, a 42-mile (67 km) trek that will test your endurance and connect you with the rich tapestry of North Yorkshire Moors’ history. This isn’t just a hike; it’s a journey through time, following the footsteps of ancestors and embracing the spirit of the land.

Join the Adventure:

  • Route: Traverse from Osmotherley to Ravenscar, navigating forest trails, rugged moorland, and steep hills.
  • Challenge: Can you conquer the trail in under 18 hours?
  • Guidance: Choose between expert-led groups or self-navigation with comprehensive direction sheets and safety tracking.

Experience the Tradition:

  • The Candle: Carry a candle to honor the determination and courage of those who walked before you.
  • The Legend: Face the Grim Reaper at the finish line and choose your fate.
  • The Night: As daylight fades, continue your trek under the moonlight, guided by your candlelight (headtorch).

Discover the Beauty:

  • Wildlife: Spot the native grouse or a hen harrier amidst the blooming purple heather.
  • The Finish: Conclude your journey at the Lyke Wake Stone, and if daylight permits, revel in the stunning views from Ravenscar.

Claim Your Reward:

  • Medal: Receive the exclusive Overlimits LWW Medal upon completion.
  • Registration: Secure your spot in this unique ultra trek and be part of the legend.

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Please note that careful navigation is crucial, especially in boggy or poor weather conditions. All participants are encouraged to carry a candle as part of their kit for remembrance and respect.

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