Guiding Adventure-Seekers to New Heights

overlimits, a Leeds-based outdoor events and leadership development company, has been making a name for itself in the United Kingdom by offering a variety of thrilling and challenging experiences for adventure enthusiasts.

A Yorkshire Housing’s Business Enterprise Service award winner, overlimits has become a go-to destination for individuals and groups seeking to explore the great outdoors or to further the skills of their employees.


At the heart of overlimits’ success is their team of experienced mountain leaders and leadership experts, who guide participants through UK-wide hiking and in/outdoor team-building or leadership development activities.

The overlimits team provide support, collaborative pre-event planning and work to ensure that participants can safely enjoy the beauty and challenge of the outdoors or enhance their management and leadership capabilities.


A recent example of their expertise can be seen in the collaboration with Linley & Simpson, a leading Estate Agency that raised £25,000 for Martin’s House Children’s Hospice. The challenge involved summiting the highest mountains in England, Scotland, and Wales within 24 hours, with a total ascent of more than 3,400 meters. overlimits’ mountain leaders were essential in guiding the 12-person team, which included the firm’s chairman, Will Linley, through this demanding adventure.

Another example is when overlimits were tasked with working with over 200 new staff members on team building and resiliency over multiple days – the results of the bespoke program reduced staff turnover saving the company hundreds of thousands of pounds and massively contributed to a more positive and proactive culture, a better place to work.


From training walks, expert guidance, and leadership development programs overlimits ensures that participants are well-prepared for their journey in or out of business.

This commitment to safety and customer satisfaction has led to strong partnerships with companies like Linley & Simpson, Leeds United Foundation, first direct bank, and dozens of local charities who trust overlimits to deliver memorable and meaningful experiences.

Over a 10-year period, overlimits has co-created and delivered events that have raised in excess of £2million for various great causes.


As overlimits continues to grow, their impact on the outdoor adventure training industry is undeniable.

With expert mountain leaders and a superb crew of volunteers and training professionals overlimits remain focussed on customer satisfaction, safe, challenging, and positive outcome driven activities.

overlimits aim to scale even greater heights in the years to come.

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