overlimits delivers

Guiding Adventure-Seekers to New Heights overlimits, a Leeds-based outdoor events and leadership development company, has been making a name for itself in the United Kingdom by offering a variety of thrilling and challenging experiences for adventure enthusiasts. A Yorkshire Housing’s Business Enterprise Service award winner, overlimits has become a go-to destination for individuals and groups seeking […]

Study: Perfectionism Can Mean Worse Performance, Depression

4 steps to break the spell of unrelenting standards schema and perfectionism.   KEY POINTS Recent research suggests that perfectionism generally leads to worse outcomes than when people set goals for excellence. Excellencism involves setting good but achievable goals and being engaged but flexible with them. Exploring your self-esteem, understanding your childhood experience, and setting […]

3 Powerful Strategies for a Better Brain in 2023

Skip the diet resolutions and focus on your brain in the coming year. KEY POINTS Limiting consumption of unnecessary, excessive, and stressful media may help improve brain function. Having more close friends late in life is linked to a significantly lower risk for dementia. Perpetually challenging one’s brain, even by simply exploring an opposing ideological […]

Does your breathing enhance your performance?

Introduction Breathing plays an essential role in human performance, be it at home, work or when exercising as it is the key to delivering oxygen to our muscles and energy systems. It can even help athletes reach their physical peak.   As such, understanding how to effectively breathe is not only beneficial, but necessary for […]